How do you prevent internal information from being leaked unintentionally or even intentionally?

Every company must ask itself one question: How do you manage to prevent confidential internal information from leaking to the outside world?

This can be done inadvertently, e.g. via mail, or intentionally. Employees could, for example, spy for the competition or leave the company and take valuable information with them.

How to deal with these dangers now? The answer is “Information Rights Management” (IRM)!

IRM first defines protection classes. Each document and information should then be assigned to one of the protection classes. This should be done by using “discovery” tools that automatically locate and classify information if necessary.

The protection class, in turn, determines how the information is to be handled.
For example, you could specify that the information of certain protection classes is always stored encrypted. We could also prevent the expression of information here.

Microsoft’s IRM solution is called Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) and is part of the Microsoft 365 platform.

Here you can define uniform protection classes (labels), which then automatically encrypt, for example, Office documents or mails. An artificial intelligence helps you to classify documents automatically. The Azure Portal allows you to track the flow of information and, for example, detect when someone is intentionally lowering a protection class.

MIP is an open system in which individual software can be integrated and the information there can be protected.

If you also ask yourself how you can protect your confidential information, we are the right contact!