Office Migration

These days, a new version of Microsoft Office is just around the corner every two years. With cost pressures on growing, while increasing flexibility in processes, stricter legal privacy policies, and higher security requirements, many companies are looking for increased control over their IT environment. With its compelling performance and economic benefits, Microsoft Office 365 will soon complement a significant portion of traditional IT services and replace it in certain areas in the longer term.

For companies, this means nothing more than the complete integration of the existing office data structure from the old to a new platform. Differences between versions should not be noticeable after migration  during operation mode. In practice, however, this is usually the case. This also applies to the macros, which ran smoothly in the older versions. Some of them play a big role for the company.

In new versions of MS Office, these cannot always be called. To increase the security of digital signatures from Office 2016/Office 365, their migration should also be considered. The use of digital signatures needs to be looked at in parallel with multiple office versions. In such cases, we have developed a special solution.

Thanks to the deep analysis, our software is helpful in a successful office migration. The easy-to-use interface only helps you determine with just a few clicks whether your business is ready for the new office version. Our detailed reports show exactly which areas of your business are still in need of customization to move smoothly to the latest office version.

Our migration support includes:

  • Managing your migration project
  • Carefully inventory of all MS Office solutions
  • Migration of your documents and macro solutions

To ensure the smoothest possible transition as a certified Microsoft Partner.