What is Office VBA Security & Compliance Premium

In addition to the benefits of the OVSC Basis and OVSC Standard package, OVSC Premium has a signing portal where the user can analyse and sign documents. If there is a code that has an access command on systems, a message is displayed and the document is not signed. The user can then send it to the responsible IT for verification. They can sign the document in the signing portal. The shared code is automatically whitelisted. VBA macros without digital signature or with a digital signature you do not trust will not be executed.


The premium package includes the following components:

System requirements

Installation required:no
Microsoft Office required:no
Network connection required:no
.NET Version:4.6 or higher
Operating System (portal):Windows Server 2008 or higher (Server)
supported browsers (portal):Chrome, Firefox, IE version 11 or higher, Safari

What does the signing portal include

In the signing portal, individual documents can be analysed and signed by the user. Documents with VBA macros, which you receive as an e-mail attachment, can also be checked and signed for security before activating the VBA macros.

Analysis of the file

You can simply drag the file into the analysis field or open it with a click in the analysis field.

Analyse VBA macros

You can quickly and easily check whether a VBA macro meets a specific default. An evaluation shows you the commands that have access to your system. In this case, the signing process is stopped, so that a malicious code can no longer be executed. The file can then be forwarded to the IT-department to check the code. If the commands are non-malicious, the code is whitelisted and the document is signed. Thus, the code is always recognized and a recheck is not necessary.

Sign VBA Macros
After successful signature, the macro is activated and can be used safely.

Download area

XML scheme analysis definitions: https://proware-solutions.de/analysisdefinition/ 

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