What is Office VBA Security & Compliance Standard


Our standard package offers you all the advantages of the basic package and complements it with the intuitive use of a graphical user interface, the so-called VBA Suite. Users can use all the functions of the VBA Access Library, even without programming skills.

The exclusive features of the VBA Suite allow you to re-use work results in other applications, for example by exporting CSV or XML data.

The VBA Suite includes its own VBA editor to provide you with information about identified compatibility or security issues, even without installing Microsoft Office, directly in the VBA code.
Included in the standard package are the following components:

System requirements

Installation required:no
Microsoft Office required:no
Network connection required:no
.NET Version:4.6 or higher
Operating System:Windows Server 2008 or higher (Server), Windows Vista SP1 or higher (Client)

What does the VBA Suite include


The VBA Suite home page provides quick and easy access to the four main functions of the VBA Access Library. This allows you to analyze, browse, sign * and unlock Office documents.

Search VBA macros


The search allows you to search quickly in VBA macros according to rules specified by you. An assistant will help you define your search criteria in 4 simple steps. You can search both in the code and in the references of the VBA macro, checking simple comparisons or complex regular expressions (Regular Expressions). After the VBA Access Library takes direct access to the VBA macro, it is irrelevant whether it is protected with a password or not.


The results are shown to you in a clear list. From here, you can jump directly into the VBA code. The matches found are highlighted.

Analyse VBA macros


You can quickly and easily check whether a VBA macro meets a specific requirement with the analysis. The individual findings can be classified as information, warning or errors. With the VBA Suite and as part of our maintenance contracts, we provide you with analysis files for all common office applications and versions. This allows you to check your Office documents for compatibility with the next Office version with just a few clicks.

VBA macros sign

An assistant allows you to sign the VBA macros in many office documents or update or delete an existing signature. To do this, create a filter for all office documents to be modified (comparable to VBA macro search) and select the certificate you want from your certificate store or as a file.

Unlock VBA macros

If you forgot a password from a VBA macroyou can easily remove it with the VBA Suite. 
For thisit is enough to drag the desired office file to the VBA Suite by drag  n  dropThe password is automatically removed
It is also possible to remove the password for a variety of office files (comparable to VBA macro search).

Download area

XML scheme analysis definitions: https://proware-solutions.de/analysisdefinition/ 

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