Office Migration

These days, a new version of Microsoft Office is just around the corner every two years. With cost pressures on growing, while increasing flexibility in processes, stricter legal privacy policies, and higher security requirements, many companies are looking for increased control over their IT environment. With its compelling performance and economic benefits, Microsoft Office 365 will soon complement a significant portion of traditional IT services and replace it in certain areas in the longer term.

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Our advice on comprehensive security solutions for your MS Office environment is based on several years of experience from our experts. We support you with practical solutions in optimizing your MS Office security management as well as in the implementation of your Office Migration.

Already at the first telephone contact, we try to determine which of our many solutions could be particularly suitable for your company.

Further we will analyse the status of your MS Office data structure and advise you on the choice of the right concept for you. Of course, we consider the respective legal and specific requirements as well as your business processes and company orientation.

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You use Microsoft Office and VBA in your company, but you actually lack the right overview of how many VBA macros have been created over the years and in which areas of the company they might be used? You want to get to a new version of Microsoft Office or a higher level of security, but don’t know how complex the VBA macros in use are? On this basis, you find it difficult to give a qualified estimate. You may have already familiarized yourself with our solution offer. But before you invest, you need more arguments to justify an investment. To do this, we offer you our Office VBA Security & Compliance Assessment, in which our competent employees prepare an initial analysis with you on site. We will bring our tools with us for the duration of the assessment. And if you decide to buy one of our solutions later, you will be 100% credited with the assessment.

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Do you have a wide range of fields of activity and demanding IT requirements?

Can’t find a solution that meets these requirements in the best possible way?

Are your company using processes that are not supported by standard software?

In this situation, an individual software development of our experts is guaranteed to suit you. The software tailored to your needs will optimally support your business processes. The resulting solution is developed in a service-oriented manner according to the latest standards.

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