The problems with VBA macros when migrating to a new Office version

Migrating a new version of Office can pose many problems for organizations. One of these are the VBA macros, which are now almost indispensable and are used in many companies. Depending on the version of the Office files, the functions of VBA macros can be completely adjusted when migrating a new MS Office version.

Microsoft itself points out at this point that not all items used in Office can be transferred from one Office format to another without changing the visual reproduction. The Office 365 compatibility tool “Rediness Toolkit” is a good addition, but Office 32 Bit on Office 64 Bit displays insufficient information. Dynamically created COM objects, for example, are not considered at all.

 It is also important to increase the security of digital signatures from Office 2016/Office 365. This should also be taken into account in the case of migration. The use of digital signatures must be considered in the parallel use of multiple versions of Office. We have developed a special solution for such cases.

Thanks to the in-depth analysis, our software is helpful in a successful Office migration. By searching for specific functions, you can determine which VBA macros lead to potential problems when switching to new Office versions.

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