VBA Macro Security for many companies a problem

Security requirements are increasing and many companies continue to work with VBA macros to simplify their processes. VBA macros are often used to introduce viruses into companies. This can lead to huge and costly outages, such as the Phishing Mail wave of December 2018, which prompted to activate macros when opening a Word document. According to BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security), there have been major production outages in which entire corporate networks have had to be rebuilt.

The problem is that companies do not know how many and which VBA macros are in use. Most companies have the security in dealing with VBA macros almost set to zero. This results in malicious macros either being activated automatically or the user decides to activate. At this time the user is not aware of whether a malicious code is contained in the macro.

We, proWare Solutions GmbH, have developed a Toolbox that allows you to handle macros safely in your company and gives you an overview of all macros used in your company. We support you with hands-on solutions to optimize your MS-Office Security Management. We develop to protect your business.